A downloadable game for Android

"it is said to be 'simple but addictive'" - vrfocus.com [1]

14 levels of non-stop Shoot 'em Up action! You are Trooper, an average soldier in the middle of a place you'd rather not be. They're green and they're pissed, and you have no idea why.

Features 4 awe-inspiring bosses, and fast-paced action happening all around you in 360 degrees. Put on your headphones and Google Cardboard headset, and stand up to the fight (quite literally, see below).

Trooper 2c does not require additional controllers, and uses the magnetic trigger available on most Google Cardboard headsets.

Programmer's note: Use the first 5 levels as warm-up for tougher levels. Tactical advice is to prioritize the closest green things first, and disperse mobs. Enjoy!

Stand up! I highly recommend standing up and physically turning around to shoot. That'll also give you a significant skill advantage due to instinctive peripheral reflexes. Please be careful not to hit real-world things around you. 3D sound through headphones will add to the instinctive awareness.

[1] http://vrfocus.com/archives/12562/trooper-2-now-available-oculus-vr-share/

Install instructions

Please install the .apk. Alternately, you could also download and install from the Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.cmdr2.trooper2c&referrer=utm_source%3Diiod


Trooper2c.apk 21 MB

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